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  • Aerostatic Mega Cranes

  • An aerostatic mega crane is a tethered aerostat designed to lift very heavy loads, in excess of 1,000 tons.

    Aerostatice mega cranes are tethered to reinforced concrete tracks to provide extreme safety for extreme loads. The C5 mega crane is capable of simultaneously lifting and transporting three 20,000 metric ton architectural assemblies or a single 60,000 metric ton assembly to an altitude of 1,500+ meters with a precision of about one centimeter.


    The maximum dimension of a single architectural assembly is ~1,600 meters by ~600 meters by ~100+ meters. Proposed track length is 10 KM to 50 KM from any waterway that is capable of handling ships and barges of 10,000+ ton capacity.


    Mega cranes may travel up to 50 KPH per hour along nanofiber reinforced cement tracks that terminate at terminal with access to ships and barges that can transport finished monolithic architectural assemblies created at next-generation integrated factories.
    Mega capacity aerostatic cranes or airship cranes are the first construction vehicle with a proposed a lifting capacity exceeding 25,000 metric tons. The simple, low environmental impact track system works at any elevation and may extend hundreds of kilometers from an architectural assembly transfer point.
    It is theoretically possible for a single mega crane to assemble a fully integrated 3D city for 1,000,000 residents in 100 days. It is theoretically possible for a skilled crew to assemble three The Freedom Towers (One World Trade Centers) in less than 24 hours for 1/10th the cost and 90,000 times less emissions.


    Left in area after construction, mega crane could provide 60,000 tons of emergency response capability to any height in a 3D city. That's the equivalent of a 70,000,000 liter airborne firefighting vehicle! encourages the development and use of advanced, lightweight construction materials (composites, composite reinforced concrete, nanofiber reinforced metals, etc.) to utilize the full capability of mega cranes by creating architectural assemblies that are light and stronger and with dimensions near the maximum of a mega crane.
    Barring the invention of anti-gravity technology, a mega crane-based system is the way we can assemble the future cites we need at 1/10th the cost and with near zero emissions.


    It's unlikely you're going to assemble this idea without a mega crane. Credit: GreenGru Airportscraper - encourages the development of advanced, integrated factories dedicated to producing high quality architectural assemblies using an open source model so any city with a port may construct and ship finished assemblies to mega crane supported projects.


    The C5 mega crane can be built now. Carbon nanotube reinforced aluminum is here today as well as other next-generation materials that provide the basis for an airframe that is capable of safely transporting massive architectural assemblies.


    The C5 mega crane has three times the capacity of Taisun, 150 times the range and a 10 times the lift height.

    That's a 17,100 ton object suspended in thin air. Credit: Wikipedia Commons
    If you are an architect we invite you to design cities that can be assembled with mega cranes. We recommend you design around a C5 mega crane and 20,000 ton assemblies; however, the C5 mega crane can transport a monolithic 60,000 ton assembly (~1,500M x ~600M x ~100M+) to any point along a construction track, from ground level to ~1,600+ meters, within a millimeter of accuracy.


    Mega cranes are not giant 3D building printers (although they could be modified to perform that role). The mega crane C5 is a mega-scale 3D assembler. 3D building printing technologies are ideal for creating architectural assemblies in a controlled manufacturing plant environment.
    The combination of 3D printing and advanced integrated architectural assembly facilities, efficient ships for international delivery of completed assemblies, and mega cranes for final placement of assemblies—that's the best solution for rebuilding the planet for our children.


    Whatever you call it—tethered airship, airship train, airship crane, mobile airship crane, aerostatic crane, mobile aerostat crane, mega airship crane, mega crane, God Crane or mega crane—it's conservatively designed, it's very large, it lifts incredibly heavy monotlithic loads, it's connected to a simple concrete track, it transports massive prefabricated architectural assemblies great distances and it places these giant prefabricated structural components at variable heights with a millimeter accuracy.