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  • Cycloidial Propulsion for Vertical Airships

  • Cycloidial propulsion (cyclorotor, cycloidal rotor, cycloidal propeller or cyclogiro) is the perfed fit for vertical airship frames. The low-speed and instant vector change features of cycloidial propellers offer everything an airship pilot would need to accurately pilot an airship under extreme conditions.

    b_940x580_vt_vsp_perspectives envisions lighweight derivitives of a Voith Schneider Propeller modified for use vertical airship and airship crane systems.



    An early patent for a cycloidial powered aircraft


    Close-up of a vertical airship with cycloidial propulsion

    easterisland design for cycloidial powered vertical airship over Easter Island.

    seattlejetblue design for cycloidial powered vertical airship in Seattle.