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Vertical Airships is an open source research and development organization dedicated to the design and construction of vertical airships.

Vertical Airship - #name#

Advantages of Vertical Airships

Structural efficiency
Hovering abilities

Special Features of Vertical Airships

Cycloidal propulsion system
IsoTruss® frame

Vertical Airship Roles

Science and atmospheric research
Homeland Security
Emergency Response
Heavy Lift
Heavy Lift Construction
Modular construction
Large module construction

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Download Vertical Airship Model for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004.

V4 Series

V-4 Specifications

Rigid IsoTruss® Frame
30,000 to 200,000 cubic meters helium
Cycloidial propulsion system
Cruising Speed: 60 knots

Unique Features

Vertical Airship
Cycloidal Propulsion System
Low Emissions
Low Vibration
Low Noise
Vertical Takeoff and Landing

Passenger Configuration Features

Spacious accommodations for passengers and luggage
Wide corridors
Panoramic windows

Containers Supported

Flexible Dry Freight ISO Containers
Flatrack & Platform ISO Containers
Military Dry Freight ISO Containers
Full Side Opening Dry Freight
20' Open Top ISO Containers
20' Collapsible Flatrack ISO Containers
EDS-A - Enhanced Delivery System - Air Platform
CROP - Container Roll-Out Platform
CAMP - Container Air Mobile Platform
CROB - Container Roll-Out Box

Vertical Airship - #name#

V5 Airship